Huawei SUN2000-100KTL Inverter

Huawei SUN2000-100KTL Inverter


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– Ten independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) circuits and 20 PV string inputs. Flexible configuration of PV strings is supported.
– Smart PV module self-learning: Automatically detects PV module failures, helping rectify faults. – Optimizes the working mode to obtain the optimal working mode of the system.
– Smart air cooling: Adjusts the fan speed based on the ambient temperature and load to ensure the service life of fans and avoid frequent maintenance.
– MBUS networking: Uses the existing power line for communication and does not require additional communications cable, which reduces the construction and maintenance costs and improves communication reliability and efficiency.
– Smart I-V curve diagnosis: Implements I-V scanning and health diagnosis for PV strings. In this way, potential risks and faults can be detected in time, improving the plant operation & maintenance (O&M) quality.

– Embedded DC and AC surge protection devices (SPDs): all-dimensional surge protection
– Embedded residual current monitoring unit: Immediately disconnects from the power grid upon detecting that the residual current exceeds the threshold.

SUN2000 solar inverters apply to grid-tied systems of large-scale PV plants and commercial distributed grid-tied systems. Typically, a grid-tied PV system consists of the PV string, solar inverter, AC combiner box, and transformer station.

Max. efficienciency: ≥ 98.6% (380 V/400 V) and ≥ 98.8% (480 V)
European efficiency:
≥ 98.4% (380 V/400 V) and ≥ 98.6% (480 V

Input Data
– Max input Voltage: 1100 V
– Operating voltage range: 200-1000 V
– Min. startup voltage: 200 V
– Full-load MPPT voltage range: 540–800 V (380 V/400 V) and 625–850 V (480 V)
– Rated input voltage: 570 V (380 V), 600 V (400 V), and 720 V (480 V)
– Max. short-circuit current (per MPPT): 40 A
– Max. backfeed current to the PV array: 0A
– Number of inputs: 20
– No of MPP Trackers: 10

Note a: The maximum input voltage is the upper threshold of the DC voltage. If the input voltage exceeds the threshold, the solar inverter may be damaged.
Note b: If the input voltage is beyond the operating voltage range, the solar inverter cannot work properly.

Output Data (AC):
– Max. Active Power: 100 Kw
– Max. apparent power: 110 kVA
– Max active power (cosφ = 1): 110 kW
– Rated Voltage: 220 V/380 V, 230 V/400 V, and 277 V/480 V, 3 W + (N)b + PE
– Max. Current: 168.8 A (380 V), 160.4 A (400 V), and 133.7 A (480 V)
– Rated Current: 152.0 A (380 V), 144.4 A (400 V), and 120.3 A (480 V)
– Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
– Power Factor (cosθ): 0.8 leading … 0.8 laggingz
– Distortion (THD): < 3 % Note a: The rated output voltage is determined by Grid code, which can be set on the SUN2000 app, SmartLogger, or NetEco. Note b: Choose whether to connect the neutral wire to the SUN2000-50KTL-M0 and SUN2000-60KTL-M0 based on the application scenario. When it is used in the scenarios without neutral wires, set Output mode to Three-phase, three-wire. When it is used in the scenarios with neutral wires, set Output mode to Three-phase, four-wire. Protection: - AFCI: Optional PID recovery: Optional - Input DC switch: Supported - Anti-islanding protection: Supported - Output overcurrent protection: Supported - Input reverse polarity protection: Supported - PV string fault detection: Supported - DC surge protection: Supported - AC surge protection: Supported - Insulation resistance detection: Supported - Residual current monitoring unit (RCMU): Supported - Overvoltage category: PV II/AC III General Data: - Display: LED, Bluetooth module+app, USB data cable+app, WLAN module+app - Communication networking mode: MBUS/RS485 Common Parameters: - Dimensions (W x H x D): 1035 mm x 700 mm x 365 mm - Net weight: 90 Kg - Operating temperature: –25°C to +60°C - Highest operating altitude: 4000 m - Cooling mode: Intelligent air cooling - Humidity: 0%–100% RH - Input terminal: Staubli MC4 - Output terminal: Crimping module + OT/DT terminal - Ingress protection rating: IP66 - Topology: Transformerless


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